Want help with complex and messy people problems?

We support individuals, teams and organisations that are stuck.

Whether you’re running a startup or an established organisation, you will experience complex and messy people problems. You don’t need to wrestle with these alone. Carrie Birmingham and consultants support you to tackle things that are stuck. We work with you to find innovative ways to understand, heal and grow from the problem.

In a world where every internal decision can become an external headline, you need more than just platitudes.


Co-Founder Relationships

We all know a staggering 65% of startups fold due to co-founder conflicts, but rarely do co-founders know how to tackle this silent killer.

Carrie’s help with a messy employee problem helped me feel like we weren’t alone. She collaborated with us to find a way through, and I appreciated her clarity and calmness.
Executive Producer, Entertainment sector

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