How We Can Help

Are you facing a complex & messy problem event within your organisation and want some help to navigate it? Would you like a steady hand through the storm and to equip your organisation to act decisively and ethically when it matters most? Are you wanting to avoid slapping on a band-aid and instead make game-changing moves that stick?

In a world where every internal decision can become an external headline, we offer a steady hand through the storm.  There are multiple examples of organisations getting this wrong, and we have seen front pages of newspapers splashed with the financial and personal consequences for leaders.  This comes when leaders try to fix a fracture with a plaster.

Having the capacity to do the right thing, in the heat of the moment can destroy or catapult your organisation to success. After all, you don’t need to settle for surface-level fixes; utilise our specialist knowledge to navigate current challenges and plan for sustainable growth.


Complex & Messy Problems

When things get messy, we can help. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. You get a strategy as unique as your issues.  With a focus on extraordinary events and transformational change, we equip organisations to act decisively and ethically when it matters most. Here are some signals that the the complex & messy problem may be rooted in deeper, hidden issues:

  • In your gut, you are nervous about what you might discover because this problem feels oddly familiar. You see the issue like a thread from a ball of wool: you are worried if you start pulling, what is on the other end.  A complex & messy problem by it’s nature doesn’t have a simple answer, and there will be  multiple strands. 
  • You have advice from legal and PR but you look around and fear you don’t have the internal capability to handle this well.  A complex & messy problem isn’t an everyday occurrence and so you aren’t sure your team has developed the skills or knowledge to navigate this issue and the risks are too great for this to be a training ground.  You know you need tailored support and ideas so you don’t feel alone.   
  • You are ambitious and you want to do more than survive.  You believe in the business you are leading or supporting (as a NED, Chair, Trustee) and can see that this could create an opportunity for change.  

Issues That We Can Support You With:

Conduct and capability issues:

  • Allegations of improper conduct (harassment, drug use, bullying)
  • C-Suite under performance (i.e. CPO) or executive restructures


  • Internal teams or individuals who are no longer speaking to each other 
  • Board conflict

Business change

  • Mergers or acquisitions that are going pear-shaped
  • Transformation projects that aren’t getting traction

Carrie and I have worked together on a number of really tricky projects. Even in extremely stressful scenarios she is able to balance professionalism and extensive subject matter expertise, with a calm manner and good humour. Her counsel is always on point and I’ve recommended her for a number of coaching appointments. I won’t hesitate to do the same again soon.

Arden Tomison, Founder & CEO, Thalamos

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