CSR Director, UK construction

As a mentor and coach Carrie’s expertise was invaluable in supporting me through a career transition. My first time working at board / Senior leadership level in a rapidly growing and changing business. Carrie provided advice and guidance which I could relate back to the workplace and practical tools which I now use every day. I now feel more confident as a leader, and would highly recommend Carrie to anyone looking for coaching at all levels.

Interim Vice Chancellor, London University

We achieved more with Carrie in half a day, than we had done with multiple other off site meetings over the last couple of years.  She gets a handle on what you need, and can move quickly.

Sally Foote

Director of Product Innovation at Photobox

Carrie is utterly excellent in every way, from the design of a workshop, to the pacing through a day, to navigating tricky points and pushing back challenges when you need it.  I would recommend Carrie highly.  

Technology sector lead, Media

Carrie is an engaging coach with a positive approach, her support had be invaluable.  She has expanded my frame of reference and contextualised my issues.  she helped me to reduce the enormity of my challenges and add another dimension to situations I was facing  

Zoe Sinclair

Director of 'This can happen' conference

Carrie is a professional in every way. Her preparation for her talk for the This Can Happen workplace mental health conference was thorough and her delivery was superb. The audience were hanging on her every word. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Donna Orlowski

COO, Chucklefish

Carrie’s support has been priceless at a time where we’ve required a new direction. With a kind ear and a straight forward approach she brought knowledge and guidance that benefited a great change for us. Even though she still uses post-its, her approach is future proof.

Ben Hollins


I have worked with Carrie for several months and found her a great partner for our business, providing valuable insight and advice on a range of subjects relating to people and organisations. Carrie excels in getting to the nub of any issue and providing level-headed, unambiguous and actionable advice.

Parysa Hosseini-Sech

Head of HR, Onecom

Carrie delivered an excellent training session for my team. She worked closely with me to ensure the session was tailored to our current and future needs to support our work and my vision for the team. Her delivery style is extremely engaging and she is able to share valuable knowledge and experience to add value to the content. I had great feedback from everyone who took part.

Paul Yewman

CEO, PostTag

I recently introduced Carrie to one of my contacts as ‘Not your usual HR Person’. His response after engaging with her? “You were not wrong!”

And that sort of sums Carrie up. She is incredibly knowledgeable, credible and give really good advice – sometimes the best advice in it is what you probably don’t really want to hear…

So, if you are a start up, a VC with a new investment , CEO with an interesting challenge or just want somebody to tell you how it is and then help you work out how you get yourself out of a particular ‘challenge’ then Carrie is the person you call.

Lucia Adams

Co-Founder, 10 Digital Ladies

I was blown away by Carrie’s ability to help us develop awareness, truly absorb it, and then work to find a way forward.   Her presence was sensitive and challenging when it needed to be. She held the frame in a way that won everyone’s trust and you handled difficult topics with respectful lightness, bringing humour and calming energy. Truly amazing things were achieved and so I am extremely likely to recommend her to others.

Victoria Cross

Managing Partner, Instinctif Partners

Carrie delivered an insightful workshop for our team which made us all stop and think. Her ability to respond to our brief and deliver something so tailored to our business was second to none. Just days after the session we were incorporating her thinking into new business proposals and are already seeing the benefits commercially

Ray Wann

Partner & Head of Employment, Sheridans

Carrie’s unique experience and skills set made her the perfect choice to collaborate with Sheridans on a recent sensitive client matter requiring urgent specialist HR support. Carrie was hugely responsive and gained the client’s trust very quickly – she demonstrated an innate ability to build trust and confidence in a particularly challenging environment, and the client was put quickly at ease by her calm guidance and pragmatic, but tenacious advice.We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Carrie for other client situations where incisive, strategic expertise is not only desirable but essential

Tony Crabbe

Business Psychologist and author of Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much

Carrie is a rare beast: someone who has a natural strength and fluency in working with both a high degree of challenge and a high level of support.  Many can do one or the other; some fewer can switch between the two.  Very few consultants and facilitators have a natural style that is both, simultaneously.  She has the ability to stretch people around her to achieve their best; and she does this with humour and positivity.  Carrie brings the best out of people

Guto Harri

Former Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, News UK

From the driver to the most senior director, Carrie brings calm, clarity and convincing proposals for improving a situation, no matter how bad.  She combines a natural sympathy with a shrewd and strategic focus on solutions, and I know from experience that she really is one of the best people to have by your side in a crisis and its aftermath.

Robert Hands

Executive Managing Editor, Sunday Times

If you’re looking for someone to listen to you but also to challenge you, Carrie fits the bill admirably. Sympathetic, but also firm in debate, she has been an enormously valuable HR executive at News UK. Anyone who can thrive and achieve amid working for a fast-paced media group like ours, where is HR is rarely linear and so often unpredictable, is to be cherished and respected

Paul Hayes

Former MD Commercial, News Uk

Carrie is an empathetic, hard working and passionate manager of change in tough organisations and environments. We worked together for three years on the digitisation of News Uk’s Commercial team. It wouldn’t have been delivered on time and under budget without her

Stig Abell

Editor, TLS; Ex-Managing Editor, The Sun

At a time of ongoing challenge and pressure, Carrie was a constant source of strength and guidance, neither flinching from difficult decisions nor failing to remember that looking after people was always the number one priority. She handled the difficulties and stresses with great spirit and skill.