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Are you facing an extraordinary event within your organisation and need some advice on how to navigate it? Are you looking at your business strategy and wondering how you can get your business moving towards it? Do you want your organisation to be more agile and resilient?

Extraordinary Events

We live in an unpredictable and transparent world, where what we do within businesses can be seen on the outside by customers, shareholders and investors. There are multiple examples of organisations getting this wrong, and we have seen front pages of newspapers splashed with the financial and personal consequences for leaders.

The key thing we know is that the capacity to do the right thing, in the heat of the moment can destroy or catapult your organisation to success. We have specialist knowledge in helping organisations to prepare for, lead and transform from extraordinary events.

When things get messy, we can help. Download our research showing you how to lead through extraordinary events, including interviews with leaders from a breath of backgrounds.

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Transformation and Change

Many clients want to create change in how their organisations work and are tempted to reach for new software, or a project plan to make it happen. But in their hearts, they know that isn’t going to be enough. We partner with clients to anticipate, plan and deliver change successfully by getting the people side of change right.

Our projects range from large scale organisational change that benefits the whole organisation, to strategic, operational or performance improvements in specific areas. Typically, issues include organisational or cultural changes (such as agility, resilience and innovation) aligned to a new strategy or tackling an unhealthy culture (including bullying and harassment or mental health fears and problems).


Carrie’s help with a messy employee problem, helped me feel like we weren’t alone.  She collaborated with us, to find a way through and I appreciated her clarity and calmness
Executive Producer, Entertainment sector

I’ve known Carrie professionally for just over a decade now, both in a corporate and SME environment. This is important, as she brings a wide and diverse skill set to multiple people problems that arise through most business channels. Be it acquisition all the way through to transformational consulting. I’d urge anyone who has projects or problems that relate to solving people issues to let her be involved.

Graeme Symon

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