We are committed to bettering businesses WITH people, not forcing change on them.  We are passionate about creating business cultures where people can do their best work, as it benefits the bottom line, customers, suppliers, investors, leaders and staff alike.

Organisational and human potential are entwined, so business success comes from a healthy culture.  As our legacy we want to enable businesses to act from this belief.

Experience and qualifications

I was drawn to HR because I enjoyed helping people to grow.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t encouraged by their organisations to realise their full potential. Development plans become a tick-box exercise rather than a genuine attempt at career development, and on paper people are put into boxes. The direction of the business and its success is seen as the responsibility of the executive team, rather than being owned and shared by everybody in the organisation.

Untapped potential and real engagement is something that I am passionate about changing.

My experience as HR Director for a daily newspaper taught me what can happen when a crisis puts your business under public scrutiny. Such difficulties put leaders under immense pressure and the ripple effects can be terrifying. We believe that a crisis can actually be a catalyst for transformation, although we know it doesn’t feel like it when you are in the middle of it.

My clients tell me I am a great partner for them.  My passion, honesty, resourcefulness, insight and an ability to see the potential positives in even the most challenging of situations energise me and the environments I work within. I can offer you incisive observation as well as practical ‘hands on’ support.

I have held senior HR and management positions in a variety of sectors including Travel & Banking, and was most recently HR Director at News UK.

Qualifications include: Masters in Organisation and People Change, qualified coach, facilitator and gestalt practitioner, NLP business practitioner, CIPD registered, able to use MBTI, OPQ and Talent Gene.

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