The productivity trap, we fall into

August 2019 by Noomi Natan

When you’ve had a great day and someone asks you: “How was your day?”

Do you answer: “I got a lot done. Lots of stuff sorted and ticked off my list.”

If that’s your answer – watch out.

We have a fixation with being efficient. But in our obsession with fast and getting it done we often miss putting focus on the stuff that really makes the difference long-term.

Focusing solely on getting stuff done can cost you staying ahead of the game. The faster you run, the less likely you are to notice that the track you’re on is no longer what your clients and customers are longing for.

Are you ready to challenge yourself on whether you’re setting yourself and your team up for success (real success that keeps you ahead of the curve and not just keeps you busy being busy)? If yes listen to this episode.