TED Talk: Listening To Shame by Brene Brown

November 2016

I am making a transition from working in a well know largish company to being an independent consultant.  Sounds simple?

When being a consultant there is an unspoken expectation that you will be resilient, confident and all knowing.   The accepted wisdom being that clients want an expert who can show them “how it’s done”.  Someone who will talk about when they did it right somewhere else.

Brene’s talk, helps me understand the feelings I am experiencing in my consultancy launch.  Putting my first foot forward by deciding to go independent felt daring and courageous.  But it was quickly followed by the fear of failure – the hint of shame that this would bring.  The knowledge that I learnt from getting things wrong and believing that clients need to know about this too.  Wanting to find ways to let my vulnerability to show through to allow me to connect with clients.