Crisis HR involves helping an organisation mitigate the internal impact of a financial crisis, regulation breach, environmental disaster or public scandal.

We work with the leadership team to ensure that staff remain motivated, engaged and well-informed at a time when their company’s reputation may be at risk or the subject of adverse media or regulatory scrutiny.

All too often, internal mismanagement and poor communication can be more damaging to a business’ reputation than the crisis itself

Crisis examples

  • Financial crisis
  • Regulation breach
  • Environmental disaster
  • Public scandal
  • Suicide
  • An accident
  • An employee conducting a criminal act
  • A change project going off the rails
  • A highly dysfunctional leadership team
  • Bullying culture
  • Product recall

Why do I need Crisis HR?

A company’s reputation is created by what is said externally and what is happening internally.

A strong, sustainable reputation comes from aligning what you say and what you do.

We will work with you to unearth cultural hotspots that can lead to reputational damage. We help organisations put their people at the heart of their crisis response, and enable organisational learning to be a catalyst for transformation.

One of the key errors of crisis management is the tendency to focus on systems, operations, infrastructure and PR – with people coming last on the list and hence often neglected.

Asia Risk Management Institute

How would you approach a crisis in your organisation?
  • Internal communications?
  • Staff wellbeing?
  • Training?
  • Culture?
  • Investigation?
  • Employee relations?
  • Family conversations?


Too often, organisations in the midst of a crisis rely on legal advice and public relations teams to provide damage limitation. They become preoccupied with the need to reassure shareholders, customers or regulators, forgetting that their own people also need reassurance and support.

As a result of this failure to manage a crisis internally, the workforce becomes demoralised, disenfranchised, and often embarrassed to be associated with their employer. Before long, productivity drops, morale suffers, and people start looking for jobs elsewhere.

Crisis HR supports organisations by managing the internal fallout from a crisis or scandal and ensuring your employees protect rather than damage your reputation further.

Crisis HR and Transformation



When a crisis hits, the first instinct for leaders is survival and so understandably there is a focus on short term damage control. However longer term there is the opportunity for the organisation to see beyond the resolution of the crisis to and how the business could actually benefit from it. A crisis disrupts the status quo, and so represents an opportunity to talk about what the organisation does and how it does it.

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